Allowing and Blocking Calls

Allowing and Blocking Calls

Allow/Block Numbers

  1. From the top navigation menu click on Users if you are an Office Manager Scope. If you are another type of User skip to Number 3. 
  2. Select the Ring Group, Call Queue (system user) or User that is receiving the unwanted calls 
  3. Click on Answering Rules.
  4. On the Right Click on Allow/Block.
  5. To Allow you will enter the number on the Allowed Numbers.
    • Note: Allowing a specific number will make it so it is not subject to DND or Call Screening. This will not make it so their number is the only number allowed to call the affected extension.
  6. To Block, you will enter the number on the Blocked Numbers.
    • Note: Calls from blocked numbers will be dropped immediately.
  7. Once done adding numbers click Done.

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