Disposition Codes

Disposition Codes


In a call center environment, it is important to understand the reason for and the outcome of inbound and outbound calls. Within the PressONE  system, it is possible for agents to denote Call Disposition and Call Reasons as related to inbound and outbound calls. 

Agents can label the outcome of both inbound and outbound calls by selecting a disposition. Then they can select a reason for the call, and include a note to further explain the outcome of the call. This makes it simple for other agents to understand exactly what happened on the call, how successful it was, and if it requires further attention.


  1. Call Disposition - is a label that describes the outcome of a call
  2. Call Reason - the reason why the call was made

Disposition Codes Procedure from the Portal “Pop Up”

When you are logged into the portal and you receive a call a pop up will appear for you to add the Disposition, Reason and Notes.  The popup will say there after the call is complete to finalize filling in the information required. 

Adding Disposition to Call History 

You can also add Disposition to a call after the fact in Call History.  This is helpful when you forgot or didn’t have time to add it during the call.  

  1. Click on Call History.

  2. Click on the “Notes” Icon.

  3. Fill in the Requisite Data.

  4. Click Save.

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