Device Overrides

Device Overrides


Overrides are custom lines of code for devices to extend, change, or supersede the the default configuration.

All Overrides must be done in the Manager Portal (OMP). Overrides can be added directly to a phone, device template or a Site..

Locating Overrides


When adding to a phone you will be able find the override text box by going to Inventory > Phone Hardware and clicking the pencil icon

Then clicking on Advanced tab

Further you can get to the overrides textbox by clicking on the Snap Builder Icon

and then click Additional phone settings:


When creating a template, your overrides will be found exactly where the above builder image


When editing or creating a Site, you can find Site Overrides in the Site Edit field at the bottom Device Defaults

Yealink Device Overrides


Intercom uses a multi-step “speed dial” called EDK’s or Enhanced DSS Keys. this allows one to initiate a Star code and send DTMF of the extension along with the star code. In this example we are placing this Intercom on button 5, but you can change it to which ever button you wish. for more on EDK’s, please refer to this link

  1. features.enhanced_dss_keys.enable="1"
  2. edk.edklist.1.enable="1"
  3. edk.edklist.1.mname="Intercom"
  4. edk.edklist.1.action="*39$P5N4$$Tinvite"
  5. edk.edkprompt.5.enable="1"
  6. edk.edkprompt.5.label=Extension"
  7. edk.edkprompt.5.type="numeric"
  8. edk.edkprompt.5.userfeedback="masked"
  9. edk.edkprompt.5.title="Intercom"
  10. #linekey.5 - this can be any linekey you want.
  11. linekey.5.type="73"
  12. linekey.5.value="!Intercom"
  13. linekey.5.label="Intercom"

Acoustic Shield

The acoustic shield feature is designed for background noise suppression when you are using the phone handset or a connected headset. It is particularly used in the open office environment, such as the call center, where background noise can impact far-end audio quality. It is only applicable to T57W/T54W/T53W/T53/T48U/T46U/T43U/T42U phones.

  1. features.acoustic_shield.mode="2"

Permitted Values: 0-Disabled, 1-Enabled, you need to manually enable acoustic shield by pressing the Acous.S On soft key during the call, 2-Auto, the acoustic shield is automatically enabled when the call is set up. you can press the Acous.S Off soft key during the call to disable it.

  1. features.acoustic_shield.level="3"

It configures the noise suppression level for handsets and headsets. The higher value represents better noise suppression effect. If it is set to 3, the phone automatically shields the noise out of 7.9 inches when you are using the handset or headset.

Remove Forwarding from Devices 

  1. features.fwd.allow="0"

If you want all forward types disabled:

  1. forward.always.enable="0"
  2. forward.busy.enable="0"
  3. forward.no_answer.enable="0"

Volume Settings

To Set the minimum ringer volume for a phone.  This disallows a user to set a ringer lower than the volume. Values 0-15
  1. phone_setting.voice.ring_vol_min="5"
To force a ringer to always be at a specific volume you need to set the following. Values are 0-15 
  1. force.voice.ring_vol="10"

Null Values

You can override any provisioned value by entering %NULL%
for example: 
  1.  firmware.url.server_type="%NULL%"

Polycom Overrides

Generic Profile Settings

If a polycom is set to a Profile other than Generic, i.e. Skype or Teams, then you will need to add these device overrides to force them to be a generic profile phone. 
  1. device.set="1" 
  2. device.baseProfile.set="1"
  3. device.baseProfile="Generic"

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