Welcome to PressONE UC

Welcome to PressONE UC

Getting Started

Here are a few pointers to help you get started with PressONE UC. 

Log into the portal

Click on this link https://ucportal.pressone.net and log in with your credentials.  Those credentials are formatted as extension@domain, e.g. 101@pressone, along with a password.   

*If you don’t remember your credentials, username and/or password, click Forget Login Name or Forgot Password.

Portal Basics 

Once logged as a User you will presented with a screen similar to 

  1. Home - is an overview of your Messages, Recent Calls, Answering Rules and Active Devices. 
  2. Messages -  where you will see your internal Voice Mails, Chats, and SMS (if enabled).  You can also set up your greetings here.  
  3. Fax - Is your fax inbox if you have one set up or is shared to you. 
  4. Contacts - you can upload/add/remove contacts here or see shared contacts. 
  5. Answering Rules -  are set up here.  Answering Rules are a collection of personal routing rules (Forwarding, Sim Ring, etc) based on Time Frames, which are set up on the next tab. 
  6. Time Frames - determine specific hours of certain days or a span of days when features such as answering rules, call queues, or auto attendants will be active. For example, Monday-Thursday 5pm-8am from January through May of this year. It is best practice to create multiple time frames before creating answering rules (e.g. on weekends, forward to cell phone; on weekdays, forward to auto attendant).
  7. Phones – If you have multiple devices you can configure them here.  
  8. Music on Hold  - is to allow you to configure your own personal on hold

There are VIDEO GUIDES to each of the above sections here

Installing the Webphone

Once you are logged into the portal,  Install the PressONE Webphone. Click on Apps on the top right area of your screen 

Watch the installation video here: 

Installing Mobile Clients

Click on the Links below to download the IOS and Android Apps. 
google play linkapple link

When downloading the Android App,  you need to provide a HOSTID which is "pressone" in addition to your username and password. In contrast, you only need the username and password for the IOS app, known as PressONE UC.

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