Multicast Paging Volume Control

Multicast Paging Volume Control


There are times when you must ensure that a page is heard from every device receiving a page.  End Users often times reduce the volume of their speakers and when an important page comes through, they won't be able to hear it. Below are the overrides/config entries required to fix this issue


  1. multicast.listen_address.X.volume="15" 
The above configures the volume of the speaker when receiving the multicast paging calls. If it is set to 0, the current volume of the speaker takes effect. The volume of the speaker can be adjusted by pressing the Volume key in advance when the phone is during a call. You can also adjust the volume of the speaker during the paging call by setting the value between 1 to 15. The configured volume takes effect and the current volume of the speaker will be ignored. You are not allowed to adjust the volume of the speaker during the paging call.

"X" is the number of the multicast page you are changing the volume for. 

  1. multicast.receive.enhance_volume="1" 

The above enables or disables the volume enhancement feature when receiving the multicast paging calls. 
Note: It works only if "multicast.listen_address.X.volume" is NOT set to 0. If the value the parameter "multicast.listen_address.X.volume" is set to 1-15 and the value of this parameter is set to 1 (Enabled), the receiving volume will be 16-30. For Example, if your config looks like this: 

  1. multicast.listen_address.X.volume="10" 
  2. multicast.receive.enhance_volume="1" 
then the Volume would actually be the equivalent of 25.  Please do your own testing to ensure you get the appropriate volume. 


With Polycom/Poly, the configuration is much simpler. Simply add this override to the phones. 

  1. ptt.volume="0"

Where 0 is the maximum and -57 is the minimum. Default is -20.

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