Installation of Go Interagtor Nava Application

Installation of Go Interagtor Nava Application


This guide will help install the Go Integrator Nava Application for WINDOWS only.  the MacOS client will be released shortly. 


The Go Integrator Nava software is supplied as an Internet download. It is a self-contained installer that contains the files needed to install a copy of Go Integrator Nava.

The current release, 4.3.1 (6565), can be downloaded here. If you can't click on the link, please copy and paste the following:

Access Code

After completing the software installation process and depending upon the software configuration, Go Integrator Nava may present the Access Code input window on first launch. A valid access code, supplied by your service provider, is required to proceed to user login. The Access Code is only required on first launch of the Go Integrator Nava client and may have been entered during installation, in which case this window will not appear and user Login will display.

The Access Code is NPRESS

Installation Complete

After Installation, The application will be loaded in the Start MenuWelcome and Login

Welcome and Login

At the User login window, enter a valid username and password, as supplied by your service provider and click the "Log in" button.  This is the same username and password that you will log into with.  If you use SSO with Google or Microsoft, you will need to use the true login to the platform (extension@domain)

user login window

Advanced Options

Access Code Reset

To modify the Access Code, click "Reset" and enter the new Access Code.
access code reset

Note: This should only be performed on the guidance of your service provider


Select "Use proxy" and "Ignore invalid certificates" only if required and instructed to by your service provider:
access code reset

First Login Wizard

At the first login after installation, a list of the available telephony devices for your user account will be displayed. Tick the box to enable the device to be available for use. At least one device must be selected and if multiple devices are enabled, the Preferred device can be chosen from the drop down list.

first login wizard

The selection can be amended after login through Configuration > Devices.

The "Primary/Deskphone" device must be selected for Contacts to be displayed or searched in the Presence window. The "Softphone" device must be selected for Presence to display Busy Lamp status regardless of whether the Softphone is used or available as a Preferred Device.

The "Softphone" device will also prompt for PC audio device configuration settings – choose the appropriate audio devices for microphone, speaker and ringer.

Not all features will are available to all license types

configure audio devices

If "Teams" is selected, the Microsoft Teams user account will request login confirmation:

teams login window

additional configuration is required within Microsoft Teams administration

License Key Activation

If a User is not already assigned with a Go Integrator Nava user license, an additional "Licensing" window is displayed. This allows new users to enter a License Key (previously referred to as Serial Number) to self-assign a License Pack, or to register for a free 30-day trial.

user login window

Additional Detailed Support

After Installation, please refer to the following documents for detailed support. If you have any questions, please open a ticket  at or

  1. Go Integrator Nava Online Help
  2. AppBar Quick Starter Guide -  Quick starter guide for Go Integrator Nava AppBar. {pdf}
  3. Tray Menu Quick Starter Guide  - Quick starter guide for Go Integrator Nava Tray Menu. {pdf} 

CRM Search Tool 

Click here to find the weather or not your CRM or ERP Software is already integrated with Nava.  Chances are, it already is! 

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